Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1. Smile for the camera

So this is it.
The official photo blog for the awesome sister's 365 Project.
It's so new, it still has this new-blog-smell.
You can't smell it only because my nose is a thousand times better than yours.
Plus, every post here will be written in My point of view.
Yes, me. Coco :D
Pictures too!
Imma be in the Guinness Book of Records for the 1st Blogger Dlogger :D


So, what is this 365 project all about?
the awesome sister will capture a moment of everyday and I'll try to be as efficient as possible to post it up here to share with everyone :D
This first picture was taken on the 1st of January so that's 1 down and 364 more to go >:D
And let's hope that the awesome sister has the persistence and endurance to complete this whole project throughout the year 2011!

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