Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8. Help?

Sis was out helping out in the campus for the whole day.
Nothing much happened today, another boring day :/
Help me?

Day 7. Cheese

Doing what I do best. Pose
Awesome sis just got herself a part time job
Groomer assistant, more reason for her to groom me now.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6. Goldie

Meet Goldie
Day 6
He's a golden retriever from a local pet store.
I was left at home while my family went to grab some groceries for me
Oh my sis told me that they saw a cute dog carrier bag :D
They'll bring me to the store some other day to see whether i like it before buying it :)
I'm so looking forward to this :D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day. 4 Where's my BALL?!

Day 4
Someone tried to be cheeky and hid my toy!
Worse part is, it was on the piano keyboard.
What an insult to my height D:
I feel so inferior! RAWR
I'm small but mighty!
You betta Watch Out!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bonus Review.

Since I've tear up 2 soft toys and
the awesome sister confiscated the green baseball cushy toy due to my gifted ability to tear of cloth and cotton and anything cushy faster than your dog next door,
I'm pretty much left with nothing to do other than to face this computer.

And I've went through her external hard drive and boy,
there's tons of my pictures there!
Didn't know when she took those but it's okay I still look that awesome and photogenic. :D

Hah! Curious 'bout the pictures now? :B
Be it! Coz curiosity kills the cat! (I hope you're reading this annoying cat from the back alley)

To the livings,
(Ignore the quality of all photos in the posts. The awesome sis told me that she didn't have a decent camera back then. She only had her W580i phone camera :/ )
This was the very first moment i set paws in my current home. Which according to the awesome sister, they call this place Puchong.
I love this place very much.

Opposite of my home is a park! I love the earth smell, chirping birds and buzzing insects.
But ever since the awesome sis got her car, I barely have walks with her in the park.
She goes to this so-called gym nowadays. Sigh
I wish she could walk me to the park this weekend. :/
This smell says: Lucky was here!!

Ahh. I love pwetty cloths. Do u love pwetty cloths?
The awesome mom got my this pwetty cloths on my 2nd birthday :)
It feels uncomfortable in the beginning but after they took a picture of me wearing it...
I'm willing do anything to look pwetty :)

As much as the awesome sis claims to be a hardcore raisin lover,
Well, I love raisins too!
Too bad raisins are poisonous to us dogs :(
The AWESOME sis told me she knows about this only after she fed me some. :(
But she has already got me addicted to it D:
Since then,
she had stopped feeding me any raisins *sad face*
I've to come out with some ingenious plans to get some! OpO

The not-so-awesome bro dumped me into this laundry bag D:
He has issues.

As I mentioned earlier,
This is one of my fav pass time activity:
Another candid shot.
The keyboard is so hard it's hurting my nails D:

Day 3. Movie Date!

Imovie date

Watched "Hachiko" with the awesome sister.
Hachi means the number eight in Japanese, and brings the meaning of good fortune.
It's another tear-jerking movie, especially for animal lovers.
And I think the awesome sister is one of them.
she was sobbing n weeping now and then. pfft.
This movie is based on a true story and I really look up to his loyalty and faithfulness he has toward his owner.
And Hachiko even has his own bronze statue at Shibuya Station! How cool is that :B
Well, I wouldn't mind if they build a statue of me, considering the gorgeous and irresistible looks that i have.
As long as they spell my name correctly. :)